Stracks goes with “Always Save” Generic Brand as Centrella is no more

In a recent story we told you that the Strack and Vin Til families bought back ownership of their store chain from the bankruptcy court of their failed corporate owner Central Grocers. Central Grocers also produced the generic brand Certrella that Stracks carried. Central Grocers is being dissolved and liquidated by the bankruptcy court and resulting with their Centrella  brand being no more.

The Stracks chain has now contracted with the grocery distributing company AWG Brands, which sales groceries under their brand names of Always Save, Best choice, Clearly Organic and Superior Selections.

In a recent interview, Strack & Van Til CEO Jeff Strack said “We will be migrating to AWG. We’re very excited about having the backing of a much larger co-op. With that comes better services they can provide us to help us remain competitive, whether it’s on a cost of goods nature, marketing and merchandising. They have an extensive array of private labels in different tiers from a low-end tier to a mainstream to a natural and organic. So we feel that our offerings will be much more impactful than what we used to have with the Centrella Brand.”

Strack went on to say” One of the things we’re looking forward to, now that we’re independently owned again, is more opportunity to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves, whether it’s produce from the market, or special deals from vendors and manufacturers. We’re excited about that, and our customers will be the ultimate winners from that. That’s what it takes today for the independents to survive against the big players: being nimble and flexible.”

Below is a run down of the new brands that Strack & Van Til will be selling:

AWG Brands describes their Always Save brand as: The Always Save® brand is an economic alternative for customers who want the best price with consistent quality.

AWG Brands describes their Best Choice brand as: Best Choice® offers customers the best quality for the best price, and items are equal to or better than the national brand quality. The Best Choice® brand products are priced lower than the leading national brands because they don’t carry the advertising and promotional costs that the national brands have. We’re always looking for new products that meet or exceed our standards. Adding new Best Choice® products is an ongoing process to improve our program and meet our customer’s needs.

AWG Brands describes their Clearly Organic Brand as: We know customers are looking for more healthful alternatives at prices they can easily afford. That’s why AWG Brands created the organic line, Clearly Organic. Not only is Clearly Organic more cost-efficient than national brands, but consumers can also avoid extra shopping trips by purchasing conventional store-brands and organic products in one place.

AWG Brands describes their Superior Selections as: Your customer can bring fine dining home with Superior Selections. Our impressive menu of products will delight even the most finicky foodies while making gourmet deliciously affordable. Now your customer won’t have to go out to get outstanding taste, quality, and value. It’s in every bite, dash, and drizzle. From crunchy gourmet nut mixes to bold balsamic vinegar, we’ll make your customers plate and their day, well, SUPERIOR.

Story by Jasper County Online News.

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