Listen to Our Recorded Police Scanner Audio of the Rensselaer Train Derailment

We have cut out all the “dead air” on our below recording of the Rensselaer train derailment that occurred  late Thursday evening December 21st. This recording was made in real time from the Jasper County News Live Police Scanner.

Below are the Press releases from Rensselaer PD on the Rensselaer train derailment:

Rensselaer- On 12-21-2017 at 10:16 pm Rensselaer Police received a call of a train derailment near the intersection of Scott and Walnut Sts. Officers arrived to find 16 cars derailed in the area. The cars contained high fructose corn syrup and petroleum distillates. No injuries were reported.

As a precaution Rensselaer Police and Fire Department evacuated residents that were near the derailment to Van Rensselaer School. After inspection, nothing was found to be leaking from any of the cars. Residents were allowed to return to their homes at approximately 1:00 am.

US 231 crossing is still blocked. Cullen St. and Melville St crossings are open. CSX railroad crews are on hand working to keep all hazardous material contained. Railroad tracks are hoped to be cleared by sometime this morning. A time that the tracks would be useable have not yet been determined.

Rensselaer Police ask everyone to keep clear of this area until the cleanup is completed and the tracks are functioning. Rensselaer Fire, Jasper County Sheriff, Indiana Department of Transportation, CSX Police and CSX Railroad assisted.

Rensselaer PD issued the following Update Press Release on Friday December 22nd:

Rensselaer- Preliminary investigation into the train derailment by Rensselaer Police assisted by Jasper
County Sheriff show a wheel malfunction on one of the train tank cars happened near the
Jefferson St. RR crossing. Damage to the tracks are visible for approximately 3,600 feet
from Jefferson St to the Scott St. RR crossing. Reviewing video from locations along the
tracks assisted police.

“We were very fortunate that no one was injured and there was very little property
damage outside of the railroad tracks and cars,” said Chief Jeff Phillips. Any time you
have 50,000 gallon train cars and any hazmat that does not spill you must consider
yourself fortunate.

Most RR crossings in the city are now open for vehicle traffic. Monitoring for leaks
continues as the site is cleaned up. We are told, CSX personnel remain at the scene and
expect to have the repairs to the track done sometime this evening. Rensselaer Police
encourage all to avoid the tanks that may remain in the area until next week for
everyone’s safety.

Press releases from Rensselaer Police Dept.(RPD)
Audio from Jasper County Online News.

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