Fatal Vehicle – Train accident at Rensselaer Matheson St. crossing – Sept 6

 Update- Sept. 7, 2017:  On Thursday afternoon Rensselaer PD has released the name of the driver in the fatal car vs. train accident at the Matheson St. Rensselaer RR crossing on Wednesday. The driver of the vehicle was identified as 37 year old Tammy Brightwell of Rensselaer. RPD said that the collision remains under investigation.

Original Story: On Wednesday evening the Rensselaer DP was withholding the identity, pending notification of family, of a deceased person who was killed in a Vehicle – Train accident on Wednesday afternoon around 2:37pm CST. The accident happened at the Matheson St. railroad crossing in rural northwest Rensseler, where police said the Mercury Villager was traveling southbound over the Matheson St. railroad crossing and was hit by a train heading northwest.

At around 3:14pm CST as first responders worked to extricate the accident victim from the wreckage, it was determined that the victim had succumbed to their injuries and police radio traffic asked that the coroner be dispatched on scene.

At around 3:19pm CST police radio traffic estimated that the train had pushed the vehicle at least 500 yards along the tracks to the northwest of the Matheson St. crossing.

Police said that the following first responders rendered their services on scene;  Rensselaer Police Department, Jasper County Sheriff’s Department, Rensselaer Volunteer Fire Department and Prompt Medics.

Rensselaer PD said that the case is still under investigation by the Rensselaer Police Department, Jasper County Coroner’s Office and CSX police.

Story by Jasper Count Online News

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